How to Pack a Box of Essentials When Moving Home

When packing your belongings to move house, it’s always a good idea to pack yourself a box of essential items that you put in your own vehicle, and is the first thing you get out when you get to your home. While you can start packing this as early as you like, make sure you leave your essentials open and accessible so you can add to it throughout the day, and only once everything else is done, seal it up and load it on.

Your essentials box should contain everything you’re going to need from the minute you get to your new home. While everyone will have different essentials based on their own needs, we’ve put together our own suggestions for common items to get you started:



Make sure you include foods that are easy to prepare, like cans of baked beans, as well as a few snacks like biscuits or snack bars that won’t require any preparation at all. Don’t forget, if you are taking cans of food you will likely need a can opener to get into them! Also, take utensils to heat them up in, such as pots/pans. You’ll also need cutlery to eat with, so don’t forget to pack enough knives and forks for everyone.



Moving house can be thirsty work, so bring enough glasses for everyone to have a drink of water whenever they need it. If you drink tea/coffee, make sure you bring a kettle, tea-bags/coffee powder, along with milk and sugar if required, and mugs for the whole team.


First Aid

The last thing you want when moving home is to cut or injury yourself and then have nowhere to treat the injury. Bring a first aid kit (or buy one if you don’t have one at home, as they’re always going to useful), and don’t forget paracetamol or other medication in the event of headaches or other pains.


Supplies for Children and/or Pets

If you have young children, make sure you pack enough nappies, wipes and at least one change of clothes, as well as any toys or teddy bears that they use to get to sleep. Make sure you also have an extra blanket handy in case their normal one gets dirty. Similarly, if you have pets, make sure you include plenty of pet food, blankets and toys so you can settle them easily if you have to.



Bring toothbrushes, toothpaste and any other washing products you will need before you go to bed. If you wear contact lenses, make sure you have a spare pair for the morning or in case you need to replace them before then. If you have electrical devices like shavers, make sure you fully charge them before you move, or bring the chargers with you if that’s not possible. Don’t forget the toilet paper!


Other Items

Make sure you don’t forget your phone charger(s), and also bring a basic set of tools and other practical items such as scissors, Sellotape, screwdrivers and Allen keys, as well as a couple of spare light bulbs in case you need them. Lastly, don’t forget to include a roll of parcel tape so you can seal up your box of essentials before you put it on the moving van.